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Offering Driver Education Courses at Affordable Rates

A Driving School You Can Always Trust

Improve your knowledge and driving skills with the help of American Chinese Driving School in Rockville, Maryland. We offer a variety of classes and programs that will provide you with the foundation for safe and effective driving.

By enrolling in our programs, you’ll learn proper techniques in relation to road and traffic laws. You’ll become more confident with your driving skills and be less likely to develop poor habits.

What We Offer

  • Safe and Sober 酒精课(持外国驾照者考马州驾照的必修课,是驾照申请必须提交的文件;
  • Driver Improvement Program 驾驶罚单改良课, 是法庭或者MVA强制的课程,即减点课;
  • Enroll注册
  • 中文驾照翻译服务:翻译是有官方认证的资格
  • 驾照通的咨询服务;
  • 笔试辅导;笔试模拟库;答疑解惑;
  • 路试培训,路试模拟;
  • 路试上车翻译;
  • ​路试用车;
  • 长期租车,临时租车。


  • 中文驾照翻译的程序:(也做各种证件的翻译)

    1.请把中文驾照发至Wechat: 1203083514 or

    2. 驾照译费$35,请Zelle付款.绑定的手机 2027250718 Changbai Li;                 

  • 3. 自己来取件的地址:416 Hungerford dr. Room201 Rockville md20850 或者 住Baltimore 预约: 5609 Tricross. Dr, Columbia MD21045

  • Email:

  • Maryland Driver Manual中文驾驶手册
  • License Translation中文驾照翻译
Safe and Sober Program / Driver Improvement Program (酒精课/DIP)

As a driver, one of the most important things you need to remember is to never drink and drive. We offer our Safe and Sober Program to teach you the dangers of alcohol and drugs. This course is required to complete your Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) requirement for the 3-hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program. It is included in the MVA’s approval process.

As of November 30, 2011, the 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program course has been replaced by the Safe and Sober Program: A Guide to Driving in Maryland. Interested applicants will now register for this new program to fulfill the 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Program. (This is a must for anyone who holds an Out-of-Country license before the application of Maryland driver's license in MVA !)

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